Why Choose Our Investment Fund?

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South Australia Focused

While our mandate allows us to invest anywhere we are focused on opportunities in South Australia.

The states central location, direct international flights, low-cost infrastructure and massive federal government investment creates the perfect playground for innovation.

South Australia is starved for capital but not for ideas. Successful projects will benefit from a local team direct access to decision-makers and project support.

Years Of Experience

Our unique team brings together local, national and international experience across a broad range of sectors. The combined financial experience of our investment committee is world class and our custodial partners manage some of the biggest investment pools in the country.

Interconnected Research Teams

Venture capital management teams are exposed to a diverse range of businesses and technologies. We’re honest enough to say we do not know it all. Instead, we have established partnerships with sharp minds and innovative companies able to provide guidance. Many of our investors also have highly specialized knowledge and can leverage their talent to review projects and businesses.

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